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September 13, 2017


Sorry I haven't blogged for a few weeks but I've been securing all these gig offers in Viva Las Vegas....
Just kidding this is where I spent all my money... no chance of earning lol! 
Before I went away I sang at The First & Last in Lowestoft.  I absolutely adore this pub it's so friendly and there's always a great atmosphere.  I had a lovely surprise visit from my old work colleague Vanessa and her friend, she always brings a smile to my face so i was beaming that afternoon. 
After my gig the audience wanted me to sing an extra hour so they went round and filled a jug up with money... this has never happened to me before so I was completely flattered.  Told you they were a great bunch!

 For this gig I wore a gorgeous Lipsy, cold shoulder floral dress which is from the Michelle Kegan range, great for summer gigs.. you can purchase this for about £50.  What a steal! 

I've recently started introducing a couple of Adele numbers to my set and I'm definitely finding the fast ones go down well... next time I sing rolling in the deep I will have to do a Facebook live because I was surprised at how the crowd enjoyed it.

Coming soon to the market is a brew called Vitamin coffee...."I know right" is this even possible???  Well yes it is and I'd been asked to try it... and i must say it's incredible, not only is it a smooth taste but halfway through your working day you get a burst of energy... well I do!  It's got to be the coffee because i usually need 5 cups of the norm to get out of my front door... So vitamin coffee it is from now on!

Yes vegas was spectacular as always and what I love about it is you can party 24/7...  I've took a very strong liking to an American drink called Tom Collins.  I'm yet to find what's in it but it definitely has the Gaby factor.  
Luckily for me I took a road crew member and by that I mean my amazing

photographer husband Tim Lindon which was extremely handy as we got some awesome snaps out there... like I said earlier it's just a shame i'm not singing at the MGM!!!!!!! :) YET!!! 


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