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Therefore, the real target customer age group of this product should be 5-10 years old.

Then why do banks expand the user range when promoting products? From the perspective of the brand, this is understandable - they hope that their products can be sold to as many people as possible, but they ignore: They often use some general words to describe them: "20-35 year old female", "income over 1.5W", "like shopping" and so on. Although these understated descriptive words are Qatar Phone Number List not wrong, they do not play a real guiding role in the actual operation of enterprises (such as product development, strategic positioning, marketing planning,

A few days ago, I visited a store that is a customer of affordable underwear. They spent a lot of money last year to "upgrade" the model store, which was going to be replicated in thousands of stores across the country. However, the business of the upgraded model store did not improve, but declined. As soon as I arrived at the scene, I knew it was broken before I opened the door: A street shop sells underwear with a unit price of 10 to 50 yuan. The entire front of the door was changed to pure white, the Chinese brand name was eliminated, and only a simple brand logo was placed.

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